Looks are the filter of the soul. There are expressive and evil looks whose power can cause harm. In order to protect us an amulet filled with magic was created. It can divert negative energies and the so-called evil eye. A turquoise drop whose interior contains the shape of an eye: The Turkish Eye.

There are a lot of earrings, rings, necklaces and key rings that protects the handicraft shop “Made in Turkey”. It is the refuge of an unknown country for most Colombians. This amazing shop is willing to teach the value of its colors, music and art; it’s a store that, beyond selling products, sells culture. Pasa and Camila were the authors of this ambitious

idea, they first opened their store on Bogotá, located on Cll 140 # 7c-10. Then, some time later they opened another store on Envigado. Now it is a corner full of suitcases, bags, lamps, teapots, instruments, tablecloths, socks, jewelry and amulets where the Sumerian and Hittite figures stand out.

Behind    these   beautiful

and exotic crafts there is a  love  story.  A  Turk and

a  Colombian  who  meet

in   Leticia   and   start   a

romance  that  knows  no

languages,   religions,

beliefs or distances. It has been a challenge to face the changes and to keep the business going. Pasa and Camila tell us a little bit of their cultural experiences.


They think all Muslims are chauvinist and terrorist. They come to the store when Pasa is gone and ask me if he treats me well”.

They think Turkish people write from right to left like Arabians”.

They think that the capital of Turkey is Istanbul and it is actually Ankara”.

They think we are located near India and don’t know we are the only country between two continents: Asia and Europe”.

They come to the store and say right the way:  Indian or Arabian, and no, it is actually very different”.



Hecho en Turquía - Podcast
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A bitter taste

“We were getting married so we did a preparation course in a church in Usaquén. There were about 90 couples in the room and many of them were foreigners. Suddenly the father started saying that a Jew could marry a Catholic, but that he had to respect the religion, and then he said that a Muslim could also marry a

Catholic but that would be scary because then there were going to start raining bombs. People laugh, of course it was meant as a joke but we got so angry that I stood up and complained to the father, I told him it was very disrespectful. The father apologized, but it is a common belief and we have to change it.

The best of Colombia

The best of turkey

“Here I see many things we used to have in my country but we have forgotten. For example, family relationships are very strong, everyone is always visiting family for no special reason. Camila’s family has a lunch every Saturday on her grandmother’s house, the whole family is there without exception. Also, you Colombians greet a lot and I really like it".

“Uff the food. It is delicious, they eat very tasty and healthy. They are kind, loving. The landscapes are breathtaking, everything is very organized and safe”.

Colombia had never felt so close to Turkey".